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Sunshine Coast Queensland, Australia

AIPP Accredited sunshine coast wedding portrait and destination photographer Damien Keffyn – APP “Creative Award-winning Memories”. These are the words typically used to describe the work work of Damien Keffyn Photography. With clients based all over the world, Damien Keffyn Photography takes a great deal of pride in offering clients the type of wedding photography they are looking for. Its one thing to take pictures, its another to create art for our clients.

Based in Brisbane, South East Queensland area, Damien Keffyn works as an Australian Destination Wedding Portrait Photographer covering national and international weddings and events, in fact Damien Keffyn Photography will travel anywhere in the world his services are called upon.

Damien Keffyn Photography takes great pride in directly corresponding with clients throughout the entire process and personally working with you as we customise your session. Damien Keffyn Photography personally hand edits your images, and personally answer all your questions.

Damien Keffyn Photography does not double or overbook, taking limited sessions throughout the year you receive a personalised, unique experience. We’ve all heard that you get what you pay for, and this is exceptionally true with our Australian Destination Wedding Portrait Photography services.

Capturing a wedding is something else, Damien Keffyn Photography enjoys the dress, the bride seeing herself for the first time, the emotions of the bridesmaids, and, a father about to see his little girl about to make the biggest decision of her life, and Damien as a father of 3 girls, I will have to do this 3 times, and I can’t wait for the day.

Damien Keffyn Photography’s style is photojournalistic and documentarian. The aim of Damien Keffyn Photography is not just to take photos, but to create images that are unique and interesting, but to document a story, to play a sub­tle roll, somewhere in the background of your wedding day.

My goal is to to capture the style, beauty and unique story of a wedding and in creating personalised images that perfectly portray the magic of such a special day.

Damien Keffyn Photography is a full service wedding photographer, dedicated to not just giving brides the best wedding class photography available, but also to provide a personalised, stress free boutique experience from start to finish.

Damien Keffyn Photography is here to serve. Assisting with the schedule so that you get the pictures you want without the stress. Damien Keffyn Photography can help you figure out how to add just the right amount of adventure to your day.