Damien Keffyn APP Damien Keffyn Photography Queensland, Wedding Portrait Photographer, Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Sunshine Coast Wedding PhotographerDamien Keffyn APP Damien Keffyn Photography

Thank you so much for visiting my website.  I am humbled to have you here viewing my images and I hope you love what you see. 

My name is Damien Keffyn, as an accredited Australian professional wedding portrait photographer through the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), I believe, my work is anything but average. Each wedding is treated with care and creativity. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography experience.

I was first interested in photography at a very young age, my grandfather was a very keen traveller and photographer, I spent a lot of time with him he was certainly the base of my inspiration. I photographed my first commercial and wedding clients in 2003 and have not looked back, I have been making portraits and capturing weddings ever since.

I have been exploring the art of photography for years finally identifying weddings as my true calling and passion. My work possesses a focus on not just the visual aspect of a wedding day, but what lies one layer deeper in the emotion and feelings that flood the air.

The end result of my work is presented to you as art prints, these are not snapshots, they are images that I have captured and worked on meticulously to not only capture the moment but put the emotion into the image, this gives you an experience each time you look at the images either in professionally designed custom album or on the wall in a prominent place in your home.

Throughout my career my experiences have become creative encouragement driving me to always become better, learn more from those around me. My passion has grown exponentially turning my photography career into a love rather than a job. I have always strived for excellence in what I do and this has seen me travel the world to compete in photographic competitions, to judge photographic award prints and to speak and educate other photographers on the fundamentals of photography. 

I have been fortunate enough to photograph in many countries around the world, and travelled to amazing locations such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, London, Prague and California.

Now based in Queensland with my wife Kathleen and gorgeous daughters Abigail, April and Chelsea, I mainly photograph weddings and portraits locally here but also travel often for destination weddings.


With the split-second photojournalist reflexes, a distinctive style , and the heart of a person who adores capturing the beauty that life (and the dresses) have to offer I create images that celebrate moments and stand the test of time. I feel my kind, upbeat personality adds joy to the world around me, and my ability to delight the couples I works with turns customers into clients making them more than just friends

My mission is to capture those invaluable moments between two happy people in love – which in turn produces high-quality imagery full of charm and character. I believe my style is the best choice for any couple wanting artistry and accuracy in capturing the story of their wedding day. Available worldwide.

For a good look at my work check out the clients page and for our packages you can see our packages page, or, if you want to chat simply email or call me directly!

Damien Keffyn APP Damien Keffyn Photography Queensland, Wedding Portrait Photographer,  Brisbane Wedding Photographer, Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer